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Step by step fixing the HP Laptop screen issue



The laptop has become an important part of our life that assists us in the different ways. There are different positive points of having a laptop. Especially, it assists us in doing the official works. The ease of carrying it to anywhere makes it a convenient device for us. There are different companies, who are producing laptops for us. The technology of the laptops is improving rapidly. HP is one of the most popular manufactures, who is offering top quality laptops with various model numbers. As a laptop, often the HP laptop has to go through some technical issues. Sometimes, you can face HP laptop screen error, you can take HP Laptop Support from certified technicians.


Best Troubleshooting Instructions to Fix HP Laptop Screen Error-

When you’re operating a laptop and working with it conveniently, each part of it should work properly. Often, we have to encounter issues with the screen of HP laptop. So, we are here to talk some important ways to boost the screen quality of your HP laptop.


Boost the brightness-

To boost the brightness of your HP laptop screen, firstly, you have to press and hold FN key for a certain second. By pressing the button, you have to use the arrow keys so that you can amend the modifications. You have to move the particular setting and release FN key in order to save the brightness.


Modify the display setting by using OS-

Begin the procedure just by moving to the display setting. You have to proceed to the redirect screen and configure the properties of the graphic, you have to make right click anywhere on the desktop.

Next, you need to go to the bit rate and change the colors from 16 to 32 bits. By doing it, you have to choose the desired color promptly.


Apply it rightly and you have to save the changes just by clicking on “OK” button. At similar time, you have to exit the program also. All these steps will help you to resolve HP laptop screen error rightly.  In the case of HP wireless printer, you can take help from certified printer experts instantly.


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